Akagi (Legend Of Mahjong) 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才 8: The Sign Of Rebirth

Akagi disappeared after that legendary night in 1958. He had a look in his eyes of a child bored with a toy, and Nangou knew after that he would never gamble on Mahjong again, because he could never capture that look/feeling.

Akagi is found again…or so it would seem, but he doesn’t possess the same air about him, he can memorise loads of tiles but his play is not Godly. The Akagi is seen fighting 4 guys, and it comes to light that he is known for random assaults on punks, and is working in a toy factory! :(

The guys in the toy factory have a scam where they play mahjong to unfairly screw the younger workers out of their monthly wages. Akagi doesn’t rise to the challenge to beat them, nor does he choose to defend a young worker who knows his pay will be lost if Akagi doesn’t take his place, it’s disappointing, i hope they follow this through in a later episode.

Akagi is confronted by the fake Akagi, who shows his amazing talent of predicted the required number of Shan Ten within seconds, a feat impressive if it was learnt in 5-10 seconds but the speed! Then the real Akagi does something even more impressive, he predicts the number of Sgan Ten without even looking he has worked out the remaining tiles before the fake has even looked at them.

Cool! I can’t wait to see the next episode, I’ll have to wait for the fan sub though :'( It’s frustrating becuase eps up to 26 are on the raw torrent, but my Japanese is inferior, especially with the new Mahjong terms I find equally confusing! >Zi li Sou: A Yaku Man hand composed of only word tiles.