Akagi (Legend Of Mahjong) 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才 3: Strategy Of The Maverick

caterpillar cheating: sliding tiles over and under, evil man! and then WOW akagi knocks over a tile by accident which is really part of the four that are facing downwards where he’s slipped his real last tile. sooooo cooool. *shhh Hazel overenthusiastic*. JUST as he winds and saves nangou’s life he makes ANOTHER bet! double! manipulating them into more games so as not to damage their reputaion by refusing, cooooool! The episode ends, and as Akagi wonders into the distance you wonder, just who is Akagi?

Ten Pai: needing only one more tile to win.Hands are shown when noone wins at the end of a round. The one not in Ten Pai pays a 1000 points to the one who is.
Men: to complete your whole hand without calling on any tiles.

If you win with a riichi you can turn over the dora tiles for extra indicators (?)

Bai Man: a hand with 8-10 Han worth 16000-24000 points.
Chin Itsu: to win by having all the tiles of a particular number suit.
Hon Itsu: to win by having only one number suit, and the rest word tiles.
Tan Yao: to win not using 1 or 9 of the number tiles.
No Ten: to be more than 2 tiles away from winning.
Dead Wall: the last 14 tiles in the stacks that are off limits. When all the tiles besides these 14 are drawn, the game ends.
Hell Wait: waiting on a tile when the other three are either in your hand or in the pond.
Yao Chu Tiles: the 1 and 9 of number tiles and all word tiles.
Ren Chan: when the head wins he gets to be the head in the next game too.