Akagi (Legend Of Mahjong) 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才 11: The Groundwork of Despair. *Band Spotlight*: MAXIMUM THE HORMONE

“Fight poison with poison.”

Storyline (Spoilers)

Fake Akagi is playing using probability and isn’t good enough to win against Usabe, so they ask the real Akagi to replace him, but Akagi will only play on one condition – if Osamu starts playing first. They fail to mention to Osamu that 32,000,000 yen ride on this game, so he plays calmly thinking it is 500,000, and luckily starts closing the gap between Usabe and himself. Then disaster! He hears the amount whispered in conversation and panics, his playing style starts to disintegrate but then Akagi comes to the rescue. (Didn’t anyone else feel a yaoi moment there? I mean…there aren’t any women in this series.)

Akagi disappointingly gets a normal hand, and it seems impossible for him to win. He shockingly ignores winning tiles, and then refuses to show his hand at the end, forfeiting 8000 points. Then next round he declares an open riichi on a 4 an Kou, (a really lucky hand worth 32,000-48,000) and forces Usabe to deal a winning tile. It is symbolic of Akagi moving forward as Usabe retreats!

4 an Kou: a hand of 3 of a kinds without calling anyone’s tiles and one pair, worth 38,000-48,000.


Kawada knows that fake Akagi is out of his depth.

Osamu: I think 32,000,000 would have the same visible effect on me!

Urabe is beginning to lose his cool.

It’s the use of space lights behind Akagi which draws my attention now. You know something cool is about to happen, and it reflects his confidence over the red panicky lights of Urabe.

I love the extra psychological dimension that Akagi brings to the table, he really knows how to wear his opponents down mentally, and even if you can identify their weaknesses, you don’t know which angle Akagi will attack from.

The role of Osamu is almost cute, like the viewer’s character put into the screen. I want to sit there and play, then be rescued before I lose 32,000,000 yen!

Favourite quotes:

He’ll either have to pay it off with his money or his blood” – the realization that Urabe has more to lose.

“He needs the kind of wave that comes every 100, no 1000 years!” – Akagi’s luck knows no bounds.

Spotlight: End Theme Musicians “MAXIMUM THE HORMONE”.

The more I listen to the end theme ‘Akagi’ by Maximum The Hormone, the more I like their punk/rock style. So here are some cool photos of the band. :)

Website (It’s in Japanese!)

English/Portuguese Fan Website. There are lots of music videos there so check it out!

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  1. I love the character designs (and especially the noses!) in Akagi. I’m yet to watch any episodes of this show, but the art is compelling me :)

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