Akagi 1: The Genius Who Decended Into Darkness

I love Mahjong, and the animation style here is edgy and dark. Unusual pointed facial freatures, but it works somehow. *Spoilers* wow, I love how Akagi is a surviver of the chicken cliff race, his car plunging into the ocean becasue neither cars braked and he swam to safety. Cool! Akagi is completely fearless, his confidence exacerbated by Nangou’s fear, and the music is cool, and it’s a fun way to learn about mahjong, Han chan: a session where each player gets to be ‘head’ twice.

Hane Man: a hand worth 12000-18000 points.
Riichi: where a player declares they only need one more tile to win, but sacrifices a 1000 points.
Shimo Cha: player that draws right after you
Ten Pai: needing only one more tile to win
San An Kou: getting three separate three of a kinds without calling on another player’s tiles
Tsu Mo: means either to draw a tile or to win by drawing from the deck.
Dai San Gen: having three or more of a kind of dragon tiles. One of the most valueable hands.
Chi Toi Zu: winning hand of 7 pairs.
Yaku Hai: bonus tiles, specifically referring to dragon tiles and certain wind tiles.
Su An Kou: 4 three of a kinds.
Yaku Man: A name for special hands worth the most points in Mahjong.