Yume Tsukai 夢使い 1/12 The Dream Starts, Rainy Classroom

Yume Tsukai literally means: Dream User

Notes for this episode:
Ikai: another world
The 7 Tsukai: are named after 7 stars of the Pleiades Cluster named after the seven days of the week.
Teruteru Bouze: Paper charm hung under the window which is supposed to keep rain away, quite childish.
Tensou: change dress
Asobitatematsuru: play offering, here a toy is put in the broom God.
Ochazuke: rice and green tea
Darjeeling First Flush: during mid march, after the spring rains, the tea harvested make a light yellow/ copper colour.

(see this really is turning into cooking lessons!)

OP – Yume Meikyuu – Yoko – thought this was above average/magical

ED – Kodou – Ayako Kawasumi – enjoyable

Ok so maybe I’ll give this a better review because the theme was a lesbian love that a girl couldn’t confess *kawai*. The emotions she felt in her dreams were expressed in reality and snatched the girl she fancied away from this realm. Thought the monster was terrible though, a ping pong ball and a blanket? highly imaginative. The Yume Tsukai are quite doll like but I’m not overlykeen on their faces. Chiming eerie magical background music, hopefully a good OST to come then :)