Witchblade ウィッチブレイド episode 1/26 beginning

These are some of my favourite pictures of the new anime Witchblade. I’ll be following this series to see how the story and characters develop, but it seems quite average in terms of plot so far.

OT – ‘XTC’ by Psychic Lover: Pretty average rockability here.

ET – ‘Ashita no te’ by Mamiko noto: Above average chilled out music. You Tube video here

Quote: “She stole a police car. What a bad mother.”

Impressions: The Good… loved the haunting voice of a girl in the background at the beginning. The relationship between Rihoku Amaha and her mother Masake are what made this enjoyable to watch. Did anyone else think of Speed Grapher when they saw Yusuke Tozawa with his camera? (and yeah he’s a bit ‘Mmm’). Rihoku is so cute, when she pets the dog, or hides in Yusuke’s car and clutches her pink bag! Masake’s transformation sequence was very cool, but a bit too fast to appreciate the cool artwork! >The Bad…the police car chase was over the top, she risked the life of her child. Surely she’d just follow them till they were trapped then jump out of the car and grab her daughter back? Ok maybe rational thought had gone out the window. Also, does the baddy really have to be a heap of unbelievable metal, I mean, it would be more enjoyable if he was a threatening human with realistic cyber-atached body weapons.

…and why are people latching onto the MILF thing, or suggesting there’s a magic girl sequence? i don’t care if the breasts of these characters have a life of their own that’s not why i watch anime! *dies*

How much do i want a Witchblade T-shirt…a lot…wonder if i can find them on ebay or something? i’d love to read the witchblade comics/graphic novel too one day…when i eventually graduate and you know…actually have money…:'(

More info on the Witchblade website here.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 9/10