Shutterbox 1 – Rikki Simons and Tavisha. Tokyopop

This is a fairly average fantasy manga about a girl who can go to the afterlife world of the Merridiah when she dreams. The facial design is poor, and the only creatures I find innovative and fun are the little ‘beebo’ rabbit type creatures with wings. Kawai!

I got to read this from my local library, I joined yesterday and found 3 shelves of comics and manga :) They may not have the titles I want to buy, but at least i can review some, discover some I might want to purchase, and get some ideas for artwork.

3 thoughts on “Shutterbox 1 – Rikki Simons and Tavisha. Tokyopop

  1. Just a small spelling correction~ its Rikki Simons not “Ricki”. I’m sorry you didn’t think ShutterBox was very innovate ^______^*** , but thanks so much for giving it a try. Currently, we’re working on the 4th issue and there will be six vols. total. There are three out so far. (You find out in the 3rd one just what those beebos really are) ;D

  2. Eep! When I started this blog I was fairly convinced noone would read it so I didn’t write proper reviews, and just ranted about a few things *blushes*. I also didn’t realise till recently how many manga artists had websites of their other artwork on the net!

    It only doesn’t appeal to me because I’m 22, and the things I hope for in this type of story aren’t the things included in a story aimed at younger girly girls.

    The artwork is pretty, it’s just not my preferred style.

    I’m trying to write reviews now from the point of view of someone who would love to read them, as well as the reasons they don’t appeal to me.

  3. Daijoubu~ (no problem~!) I made ShutterBox as a homage to the tradtional shoujo styles I grew up with in the 70s -80s. The intended audience is 13+ (but I have readers as young as 9 or as old as 45+ who’ve enjoyed it as well) However, I certainly don’t expect it to appeal to everyone ^______^ ~ I thank you for the review, because I’m happy to know that you at least gave it a try.

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