Requiem From The Darkness 1/13: Azuki Arai, Azuki Bean Washer

I highly recommend checking out Requiem From The Darkness. Very dark stylish artwork. Fantastic individualistic character personalities, very distinct, loving the Mataichi gang! such a unique feel to the unravelling of the mysterious, disturbing tale. You really want to know more about the village where Azuki Arai lived, who killed him and why, you feel his pain and want his revenge and although the conclusion feels inexitable, this is not important since the journey there is so awesome. Really should sit down and sketch some of this over the holidays :) The idea of the trickster, the puppeteer and the morphing guy, awesome!

One thought on “Requiem From The Darkness 1/13: Azuki Arai, Azuki Bean Washer

  1. I rented this show on a whim and was not disappointed. After watching the first couple of episodes, I had to get the other DVD’s ASAP. With it being a bunch of horror vignette’s and a period piece set in the late Edo period how could it not be total winnage.

    I like these supernatural/mystery shows. I guess that is why I’m still watching the second season of Jigouko Shoujo. People seem to dislike these type of shows because they seem so repetitive.

    It may be true to a certain extent but the plots, characters and circumstances more than make up for it. Stuff like this is just timeless.

    And if there were ever a poll of the most beautiful female character in anime, from which there are sooo many, Ogin would be in the top five.

    I also like the opening and ending songs for this series as well. It had a jazzy soulful vibe that I hadn’t heard since the OP of Boogiepop Phantom or Key The Metal Idol. I also noticed that all of the above mentioned shows came out around the same time — early 90s — more or less.

    Maybe the soul, jazz influence was a trend at that time. Since I wasn’t into anime at that time, I guess I’ll never know. However, I would love to get my hands on the soundtrack for both ‘Requiem For The Darkness’ and ‘Key the Metal Idol’

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