Love Get Chu:Episode 1:Momoku Will Be A Voice Actress

My favourite images from the new anime ‘Love Get Chu ~ Miracle Seiyuu Hukusho‘.

OT – ‘Nanairo Nadeshiko’ by Maki Okada, cute and bouncy but average.

ET – ‘Cry A Little’ by Shoko Fujibayashi, underaverage music with terrible graphics of the bunny keychain and the house.

Music page: here

Quote:”Can it be molestation!”

The Good: This is quite a cute anime, especialy the character Momoko, with her little bunny keychain Usamaru. The bit on the train where she thinks she’s being molested made me giggle, and you get the feeling there’s going to be lots and lots of awkward moments with the leading male character. The girls she meets at the anime voice acting audition are quite fun and distinctive, especially Sasaki Yurika. The moment with the swimsuits and their naive dreams of modelling was cute, and the best moment was Momoko screaming on the roof followed by a punch in the stomach by her female interviewer from Lambda 8 was both unexpected and funny.

The Bad: The artwork is too symplistic apart from the thick line/exaggerated facial emotions. The girls don’t lack charisma/likeability. This anime is based on a cell phone love sim game so no high expectations of plot/character development. I watched the [AnK] version then discovered the translation was confuzzled because it gets translated into Arabic(!) before being translated into English, the [Your-Mum] version is supposed to be better. Also, is Momoko a bit mad because she talks to her bunnyrabbit keyring? How long is that going to go on for? Unfortunately the bunny doesn’t reply. The moment when Momoko ran upstairs with Tsubasa watching, knowing the interview was downstairs, making that ‘helpless’ look…I was yelling at the telly, follow her you idiot, don’t just stand there! Unbelieveable!

I’ll watch the nest few episodes to see if it improves…or at least fills expectations from the picture on the website!

As for the leg warmers: silly but cute! *^_^*