Kamisama Kaziku 神様家族 episode 1/13: Do You Believe In God?

These are my favourite images from the romantic comedy Kamisama Kazoku and some sukiyaki…explained below!

OP – Brand New Morning – Mai Mizuhashi. Loving this, it’s catchy rock, bouncy too. Slightly James bond type graphics :)

ED – Toshokan dewa Oshiete Kurenai, Tenshi no Himitsu – Miraku. So so. Love the graphics of them floating on bubbles in front of the rainbow!

My favourite character design has to be Tenka, she’s so adorable especially in the sunset picture, and when she looks at Samatarou with shock as he says Komori Kumiko is beautiful. What a surprise…another love triangle.

Knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as the crossdressing teacher starts yelling his love for bloowers. Hilarious! Enjoying the background music too. Lots of funny opportunities for mad faces and Tenko Bossing Samatarou around which is entertaining, and the little sister Meme is kawai. haha – don’t listen to what your parent say. I love the fact that Samatarou’s parents are eccentric and ever so slightly mad, I don’t think any teenage guy wants to see his mother prancing round in bloomers…at least i hope not.

Samatarou’s favourite food is Sukiyaki: beef, tofu, konyaku noodles, leeks, onions, chinese cabbage, enoki mushrooms (other vegetables) soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Someitmes dipped in raw egg (?!) Origins in the Meiji Era (1868-1912). I should try and cook some!…without the beef of course! *^_^*

Gotta love the T-shirt with ‘God’ written on it. Haha!

This looks promising :)