Inukami いぬかみっ1/ ?: Don’t Mind Being Naked ^_^

Ok, Inukami is officially the weirdest anime I’ve seen yet. The artwork is terrible, and I was slightly worried from the beginning that it was actually hentai…but it gets worse…all i need to say is naked guy with a moustache, in a long cap, shooting rays out of his nipples, yes nipples, to make all the men in the street naked. Nakedness in abundance, with cute blue elephant cartoons to cover up people’s privates. Keita is the single worst draw male character I’ve ever seen (hence no picture).

OP – not my thing : Hikari – Yui Horie

ED – also not my thing: Yuujou Monogatari – Aice5

Weird! Nevertheless, will probably keep watching this O_O purely for the randomness of the bad guys. Oh, and maybe the ‘interesting’ poses of Yoko…and to find out why that little girl has a ferret on her head!